Admission to BA 1st year is open to all those who have passed the Plus Two level/Equivalent Examination conducted by the recognized Boards and Universities. The choice of subjects is given below.

I. Compulsory Subjects:  
  (a) English - for 1st and 2nd year
  (b) MIL/Alt English - for 2nd and 3rd year
  (c) Man and Environment - for 3rd year only

II. General Course:  
  Any three of the following subjects:
  (a) Elective language, Elective English/ Geography, History/ Mathematics, Economics/ Sociology, Education, Political Science
III. Honours Course:  
  (i) A student may opt for Honours in any subject given, provided he/she has passed the Plus Two examination with a minimum of 45% marks in the concern subject. Further, a student shall also require to have passed the plus Two in the 2nd Division or above
  (ii) For admission to the Honours Course in English a student shall have passed the Plus Two Examination with a minimum of 50% marks in Elective English or 50% marks in the aggregate and 60% in English
  (iii) For admission to the Honours Course in any subject not taken as an elective subject at the plus two level, a student shall have passed the said examination (Plus Two) in the 2nd Division or above with a minimum of 50% marks in aggregate
  (iv) For admission to Honours Course in Khasi and Economics a student should have passed the Plus Two Examinations with a minimum of 60% in Khasi Elective/Economics

Subject Combination:

Honours Subject
Any two of the following subjects other than the Honours subject.
Political Science
Elective Language, Elective English/Geography, Political Science, Economics, Sociology, History/Mathematics, Education
Elective English is compulsory and any three of the following subjects: Elective Language, Political Science, Sociology, Education, History.
Elective Khasi is compulsory and any two of the following subjects: Political Science, Education, History, Sociology, Elective English
Political Science, History, Elective Language/Elective English, Education

NOTE 1 :
A student can take anyone of the following subjects:

(a) Either Economics or Sociology
(b) Either History or Mathematics
(c) Either Geography or Elective English.

NOTE 2 : 
For morning Section students only Geography cannot be combined with Elective Language or Elective English.

NOTE 3 :
A student who opt Geography as Honours subject should get 45% (32 marks) in theory at Plus Two level. Only Day students can opt the combination of Mathematics, Economics and Geography.


A student shall become eligible to go to the 2nd year and 3rd year classes only after he/she pass the University Examinations. Students failed in 1st Year are advised to take fresh admission.