Rules and Regulations

In addition to regular tests conducted by the different Departments, the College authority will conduct two tests namely Pre-Selection Test and Selection Test. Any Student who is absent in the Test will be treated as failed and will not be allowed to appear for the Final Examination. The dates for Pre Selection and Selection Test will be notified. Students should not indulge in any unfair means especially at the time of Examination. Anyone found adopting such means shall be expelled from the college and shall not be readmitted.

80% class attendance is compulsory. Student with less than 80% attendance will not be allowed to fill in the forms and appear for the University Examinations. Any student who is absent continuously for one month will have his/her name removed from the College registers.

1. All the students are to bring their Identity Cards to the College every day, and should produce them when asked for. No student will be allowed to enter the College Campus without the College I.D. Cards.
2. Dress and general appearance of the students must be decent and acceptable to the College authority. Cleanliness must also be maintained.
3. Students are expected to keep the College and Campus clean.
4. Smoking, chewing tobacco, drinking alcohol etc are strictly forbidden in the College Campus. Any one found smoking, chewing tobacco, drinking alcohol inside the Campus will be expelled from the College.
5. Communal harmony is to be preserved and every student should behave in a disciplined manner both in words and actions.

Hostel seats are available for girls only. For Hostel accommodation, the prescribed form of application is to be collected and submited to the office. Hostellers should abide by all the rules and regulations of the Hostel. Any one found breaking the rules would be punished. Expulsion from the Hostel will also mean expulsion from the College and vice versa.

The College presents one award annually known as THE SYNOD COLLEGE TOPPERS`AWARD. The award is given to those students securing highest total marks in Honours and General subjects provided they pass the Degree Examination in first class/ division.