Internal Quality Assurance Cell

After accreditation in 2005 by NAAC, the College constituted the IQAC on the 17th October, 2005 for the post accreditation quality sustenance activity. 

The IQAC is to develop a system for conscious, consistent and catalytic action to improve the academic and administrative performance of the College.

 Members of the IQAC:

1. Chairperson

Dr. D. Wanswett, Principal

2. Co-ordinator Dr. M. Rani, Associate Professor Department of Physics

3.Members from the Management

i) Rev.S.I.Iawphniaw
ii) Rev.P.Hynniewta

4.Member from the local society
5.Member from Alumni

 Shri Phrang Roy
Shri R.A.Lyngdoh

6. Members from the         Teaching staff    

7. Office Staff

8. Students

i) Smt.C.Pariat, Vice Principal   
ii) Shri S.Jyrwa, Vice Principal (Science & Professional Courses)
iii) Dr.R.M.Lyngdoh, HOD Department of Zoology 
iv) Shri. D. War, Associate Professor, Department of Economics
v) Dr.(Mrs.) S.D.Kharkongor, Associate Professor, Department of English  
vi)  Dr. (Mrs.) R.D.Lyngdoh, Associate Professor, Department of Zoology

i) Smt.B.Mawlong
i) Everstar Tymmenniang     ii)  Ibalarishisha Tympuin

  • Minutes of meetings of IQAC and compliances to the decisions